“MacGyver defined your career”, whispered a voice in my head. That’s the conclusion I came up with after asking myself: how did I get here? There are many memories that replay in my mind before I came to my conclusion.  One in particular was my professor “Dr. H” who educated the concept of recursion theory – what computers can and cannot do?

Computer sidekick

As CEO we do not think about our sidekick doing repetitive work, in the blink of an eye. We do not think about the fundamental difference between us and the sidekick. That is, a certain task was designed for us and a certain task was designed for our sidekick – the computer.

There are many different types of sidekick in today’s world, but there are only two core versions, which is Unix and Windows just like cells – the smallest unit of life. There are animal cells like you and I and there are plant cells that vegetarians love to eat. I believe many of us used Microsoft Windows 10 and also used Unix type systems like Apple MacOS. The interesting part is that we literally created or gave birth to these sidekicks. As the sidekicks mature or grow, of course, they grew to give us what we want. Need the closest coffee shop? A search engine can do that for you. Need a ride to the coffee shop? Uber can get you there. All the software runs under either Unix or Windows-based systems.

Now how did you get here? The whisper repeated. As a child, I used to love watching MacGyver the TV series. He always seems to find a way to get out of trouble by building things that he can use to escape. As a CEO, I bet you somehow always find a way to solve your problem.

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