Agencies cannot guarantee “100% satisfaction” when it comes to caregivers, but On-call Ma can guarantee 100% response to after-hour calls. Let’s face it, responding to customers is “customer care”. Customer care knows that emotion never goes side by side with logic and the Home Care Agency knows when it comes to caregivers, it is all about emotion. What does that mean? It means as an agency, we need to learn how to give out speeding tickets. Confused yet?

If you ever received a speeding ticket from a state trooper police, you might show some emotion for a few reasons. First, you need to go to court to pay a big fine – few hundred dollars, followed by paying thousands of dollars over a few years to insurance. Do not worry, no matter which insurance you change to, they will make you pay. It can be a very emotional process and you swear you will never speed again.

On Call Tracking Pulls up with a Solution

On-call Tracking module from On-call Ma takes the concept of driving on the road. As long as everyone follows the rules, less car accidents happen. For example, we should not pass the red light. Whenever someone does not follow the rules such as speeding, on-call tracking brings the case to a police officer. Imagine, you have multiple coordinators, hundred of cases to deal with per day. Patient’s family member is always calling if something doesn’t look right. This is where software can help.

On-call Tracking monitors all after hour calls and makes sure coordinators respond to all calls. If the coordinator does not respond, then On-call Ma brings the calls up to the supervisor’s attention. What makes this more interesting is that On-call Ma also listens to all after-hour calls to determine if the call was joyful, angry, or sad. If the call is angry, then it is brought to the coordinator supervisor’s attention. These features out of many help to portal home care agencies.

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