“Doc, today seems to be slow, I haven’t received any calls yet,” said Jimmy who works as a medical receptionist. Dr. Secretname was confused as well, They have 3 receptionist and wondering if they need to decrease the number of employees. Finally, someone called Dr. Secretname cell and told him that he could not call his front desk. The confused face became a worried face. He had this problem before and took 2 days to fix the phone. “Jimmy, email the phone company about our issue.”  Two hours later, Jimmy finds the contact information. The phone company located in another state responds back toward the end of the day. To make it worst, the phone company told them it is an internet issue and their phone will not work until the internet is fixed.

Secret Revealed

The following day his marketer called stating there are too many Google bad reviews yesterday. His unresponsive office is broadcasted to the world. Dr. Secretname is not a secret anymore. Dr. Secretname studied and practiced medicine for 30 years before opening his clinic. He has no idea about IT. The IT guy that reaches out to him few months ago popped in his mind.

“Manny, I don’t know what to do. My phone does not work and the phone company saying that I need to fix my internet”. Manny took another job for 100k per year. “Dr. Secretname, I’m at my job, and I cannot talk right now. I would call the internet company”. For some reason, Dr. Secretname has no idea which internet company he is with. So he called his accountant to find out who he is paying for the internet.

Stories like this go on and on for small businesses. Experienced business owner knows this type of pain too well. After working for a few VoIP companies, it is clear to me that small business owners like the doctor office should hire local companies. Local VoIP companies provide better customer service such as on-site visits on the same day for emergency issues.

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