“Rita, did you check your brother’s homework?” That is one of the daily questions my mother asks my sister. I do not think my mother ever called my sister by her full name Fahima Nessa. It is not her real name, but close to it. One of the reasons we do not call a person by their full name is that it is time-consuming. This concept is not far from hyperlink or URL. When we are dealing with SMS, we cannot afford to send a link that is very long especially since we have 160 character limits.

Short URL help get the message across quicker - person sitting on floor reading SMS

Another reason we do not call people’s full names on normal occasions is  because it feels weird. I can imagine someone hanging-up a call when trying to spell out the letters of a long sentence. It is one of the reasons company bitly.com came up with a URL shortener. Of course, there are other companies that can do the same thing. However, many business owners are not aware that the URL shortener also has tracking and other data linked to it. For example, if we sent a text to my sister Rita,  “New job found. Click the link to view job info – oncallma.com/xEfkx”, we know how often the link was clicked, what time, even their location. Furthermore, we can even determine if the link was forwarded to someone else by using what we call cookies.

If your mother sends you a text “Ur report card came in today. I took a picture – bitly.com/dktex. We need to talk.”, make sure to disable your GPS before clicking on the link. If you do not, then the next message could be “Tell Jr. that you need to leave his house right now”.

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Season 10 | Latte Larry's

"If you are a defecator, or planning on defecating anytime soon, don’t come down here. This is not your place."

Posted by Curb Your Enthusiasm on Monday, March 16, 2020

“Look, we all experienced bad service before. But for most of us, there is not much we can do about it. Maybe write a negative yelp review. Or maybe don’t go back to the place, but Larry David has chosen a different path.” That is how one of the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” TV Series starts. Larry David is the main character, the writer, and the director. In the episode, Larry decided to open a coffee shop next to another out of spite.

The effectiveness of SMS technology can play a great role in competition for a small restaurant business. For example, an owner can use QR code or simply send a text to a number to opt-in to receive a special promotion by text. The owner can send monthly deals such as to get 1 pizza pie and a code for $10. The promotion can be an image or slideshow type of images. In my previous article, I mentioned that 90% of the text is viewed within 3 minutes. The effectiveness of SMS is very high

Larry David’s objective was not to make money, but that is not the case for small restaurants.

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“Matt, why do you have a cell phone if you never answer?” That is what I tell Matt, all the time. He always responds with “you call at the worst time”. However, he responds to all the text message I sent him. Sometimes right away. Statics prove that over 90% of all SMS recipients read a text messages within 3 minutes of delivery. It is also clear that texting is protected by FCC so it does not become the next voice broadcast.

There is one interesting difference between a phone call and text message. When someone makes a call, the phone system knows if the other end picked up, even if the answering party says nothing. By design, phone system technology confirms a connection between parties. However, that is not the case with texting. Texting was not designed to get confirmation if the other end received the text. You may send out 1000 text messages and receive confirmation that all of them went through, but that is not 100% correct.

Unfortunately, I learned the hard way when one of my previous bosses felt deceived when I told him that I texted him. He felt I was not truthful even after showing my phone screenshot. Later on, he apologized after receiving the text in the future. It is true that the chance of text not going through is very low, but it can happen.

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