“Matt, you’ve got SMS”. That is the type of text Mathew receives at 4 AM in the morning for a week. His first response is if everything is ok with me. Then came the angry text few days “FU”. I have known Matt for more than 10 years. In fact, I hired him when I was working at a financial company. He stayed with the company while I moved on to an IT consulting firm to advance my career.

I believe I should explain the 4 AM text messages. Matt and a few other colleagues created a group SMS chat in Google Voice and have been using it for more than a year. Matt has a habit of sending a text in the middle of the night. Of course, I wake up when my cell phone plays the alert sound.

Text Messages Time

During that time, I was implementing On-call Ma’s SMS Schedule. This is a feature allowing users to send thousands of texts at a specific time. I was solving one of the home care agencies’ problems where they need to send texts to all their caregivers. An example would be to post a new case or a job. Instead of sending 300 texts, one at a time, they would schedule 50 texts to go out at a certain time. Using this strategy they do not receive 30 callbacks, all at the same time.  They also stay within the text message limit for most devices. Once a replacement is found, the agency can cancel the rest of the scheduled text.

Matt, on the other hand, learned about my new project the hard way. “Hey Matt, it’s Manny again. I hope I did not wake you. It is only 4:03 AM”. Matt replied with “FU”. On-call Ma “Unavailable Auto-Reply” responded with “Manny is currently sleeping right now, please leave a text message and he will not respond back in the future. Thank you.”

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