This Call May be Monitored for Quality Assurance Purposes

May 7, 2020 by Mainul Haque0

Quality Assurance is always listening in

It was 3:31 AM in the morning and Miss Begum called the home care agency.


Ringing …

Cindy (not her real name) was the on-call coordinator for that night. ”Emergency line, may I help you?” Miss Begum sounded like she had a cold. “Hey Cindy, can you cancel all the upcoming visits for my mom? She passed away about an hour ago.”  On-call Ma software flagged the call as a “sad” 😢 mood, automatically generated an email, and sent to the coordinator’s supervisor.

Are you OK with AI for QA?

Tone Analyzer is one of the features I am working on for a home care agency software app. “1984” by George Orwell (also not his real name) is about policing society by limiting and controlling language. Big Brother from “1984 is here in the form of Artificial intelligence (AI). On-call Ma AI-based software provides quality control or quality assurance (QA). While some may dislike this form of quality control, in reality, it is hypocritical.

Imagine buying a car where your brakes do not work because quality control was not taken seriously. That means the manufacturer did not test all the brakes on the car before sending it out to the consumer. Would anyone buy the car? We know that product owners want QA because it ensures customers get what they paid for. Customers, who also work for the producer, dislike being monitored to provide the QA. It is also important to note that both caller and on-call coordinator consent to the QA as soon as the phone system broadcasts “this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance”.

In 1984, the big brother or the government used humans to do more of the work. In our case, we use AI (replacement of humans) to provide monitoring in real-time. The fact is it is very expensive to have someone listen in to the call at 3:31 am because we want our beauty sleep. In the past, we have done an email survey to try to accomplish the same goal, but AI seems to provide better results. As the books explained “The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.”
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