Even your on-call coordinator needs a sidekick

An Easy-to-Use Sidekick that Increases
Productivity & Profits

Are you tired of watching your caregivers miss their appointments? Are you
tired of losing unhappy clients because of scheduling issues? Is your intake coordinator not taking more clients because of the uncertainty of finding caregivers?

How much revenue and profit are you losing because of this?

How Does
On-call Ma Work?

This easy-to-use technology works in 3 simple steps:
on-call ma home care agency software running on mobile phone and laptop

Call in the number

After hours, your caregiver or client calls into a monitor line, stating their issue.

System is activated

Your On-call Ma software immediately locates one of your Coordinators based on their schedule and availability. On-call Ma then quickly monitors all parties using artificial intelligence and provides assistance.

Response is guaranteed

On-call Ma’s response is quick and reliable because someone will always be there to address your needs. Satisfaction guaranteed!

What Will On-call Ma
Do For Your Agency?

Scalability: Caring for more than 5 times the client without increasing staff size.

Marketing Tool: A guaranteed response time.

Streamline: On-call ma serves as a sidekick to help coordinators assist in the process.

Protect: Every call is recorded and transcribed, eliminating the “he said/she said“ issue.

Track: Helps track after hour issues such as scheduling and historical notes.

Accountability: All parties are monitored and tracked by artificial intelligence and the supervisor is notified when needed.

Don’t lose a client or establish an unhappy one!
Get On-call Ma Today!

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We have the solution…
On-call Ma is the mother of all sidekicks

On-call Ma is a sophisticated and intuitive voice technology that:

Guarantee 100% response after hours

Eliminate missed or cancelled visits

Establishes happy clients

Manages more clients without increasing coordinators

Keeps the coordinator and the caregiver accountable using artificial intelligence

Records and transcribes conversations

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